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Once you have the app open operating it is a breeze.After you have it open, the app will ask for your phone number and username.It's easy to install and once you have it going it's a breeze to keep going forward.It have an easy to use UI that's very alike to Apple's IOS UI.

The Viber experience is pretty easy and not frustrating to install on any Android device.The “Stickers” (or Emojis) are limited and don’t seem very traditional ,some look very anime but they work.Like I stated before the design is very minimalist and the app never tries to do to much at once.It closely resembles the i OS layout, which isn’t a bad thing, it is easy to navigate and doesn’t add any unnecessary features.It’s easy to transfer your information from your phone to desktop and navigating the features are easy and you can go through all the features in a estimated time of 3 minutes.

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