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We’re not talking lousy bootlegs shot by some dude with a webcam pointed at the screen, either.

Many content providers have partnered with You Tube to offer video in both SD and HD for rental and purchase.

At this point, “Netflix” is starting to seem like a general word for “streaming video.” They’ve secured the top spot in the industry with a solid mix of TV, movies and original content at a fair price.

Just about any device with a screen and an Internet connection supports it, too.

The selection is patchy, but there are titles both recent and classic.

Much of Hulu’s content can be watched free on your computer, but you’ll need a paid account to stream to consoles or other devices, which runs .99 per month.Amazon Prime Instant Video is an interesting Netflix alternative because it comes packaged with a bunch of other stuff.Paying for a year of Amazon Prime gives you access to their massive library along with free two-day shipping and a bunch of other perks.Amazon’s video library is a mix of paid and free content.It’s easy to rent or buy movies and TV shows and add them to your library.

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Apple’s digital content service is built from the ground up to work well on Apple hardware, and outside of that ecosystem you’re not going to find much use for the platform.

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