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All that is known is that she is shown to be best friends with Taylor, despite their seemingly clashing personalities.However, it appears that the two have been very close for some time.Light of Day After Jude is convinced by Connor to switch lab partners so that Connor can be partnered with Daria, his new girlfriend, she can be seen giggling and smiling with Taylor as she looks over at him.She then approaches Connor and begins enjoying his company.As Jude and Taylor make conversation, Taylor says how Connor and Daria started dating "like 5 minutes ago", but are, according to Daria, really close. She invites him to join her, Taylor, and Connor for lunch.Jude sneaks a peek at Daria and Connor who are both laughing with each other. She talks about a new movie coming out based on a book she enjoyed and convinces everyone to attend the movie as a double date.

Daria smiles coyly at Connor, unaware of him grinning at Jude.

Daria, embarrassed, says she "just drinks a lot of liquids" before casually saying it is good for you.

When Jude and Connor share a flirtatious moment together during the movie by secretly holding hands, Taylor and Daria are oblivious to it - simply watching the movie.

She appears to be girly, fashionable and used to getting her way in everything.

Not much, if anything, is known about Daria's background and family life.

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