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Although no traces of these buildings have been discovered, in 1997 archaeologists found the remains of Viking ships in the Isefjord, the oldest of which is dated to 1030.At the time, there were also two churches in the area: St Jørgensbjerg, an early stone church, and a wooden church discovered under today's St Ib's Church.As a result of Absalon's influence, many other churches were built in the vicinity, making Roskilde the most important town in Zealand.Coins were minted there from the 11th to the 14th century.The Reformation brought Roskilde's development to an abrupt stop.

The city is home to the FC Roskilde football club which play in the Danish 1st Division, the Roskilde Vikings RK rugby club, and the rowing club, Roskilde Roklub.The local airport opened in 1973, mainly serving light aircraft for business use and flight instruction.Among the city's notable citizens are Absalon, the bishop who founded Copenhagen in the 12th century, L. Ring, the symbolist painter who gained fame in the 1880s, the writer Lise Nørgaard who wrote the popular Danish TV series Matador in 1978 and the rower Thomas Ebert who became an Olympic gold medallist in 2004.In the 1970s, the city benefited from the opening of the university and from the completion of the Holbæk Motorway connecting it to Copenhagen.Roskilde has the oldest operational railway station in Denmark, with connections across Zealand as well as with Falster, Lolland, and Jutland.

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