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“But when my son started school, he was unhappy and that meant it was time to leave.Towards the end, I did notice a lot more people moving back.Having built their dream house, set up a gym business and had two young children there, she says, Spain “felt like home”.“It was the most beautiful place – we lived in the mountains; there were wild horses and goats roaming around; you could pick oranges off the trees to eat.“I saw many Brits try to sustain their life out there but ultimately fail.

And it’s not only Brits who are heading home: the German and French populations also fell, with Chinese the only nationality increasing their presence in the country.“For the past 10 years there was a wave of people retiring here, but that is changing,” explains Maura Hillen, the chairman of AUAN, a property scam campaign group based in Almeria.“The estate agents I know tell me that business is brisk but prices are low.“The property business had dried up and our gym became harder to run at a profit,” says Jackie, 48.“But it would have been my worst nightmare to return to the UK.

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