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Over the same period, traditional advertising revenues will see a slight decrease in the 2016-2021 period with a CAGR of -0.6%.” See more .

Meg Mc Donald Rejoins Talkers Radio with Solo Short-Form Commentary.

publisher Michael Harrison describes Mc Donald as “a female version of the late-Andy Rooney, only far less curmudgeonly.” “MEG!

” can be used as a stand-alone interstitial feature or as an accompanying “kicker” for an already-existing radio program.

The theme of the July 25 special broadcast from the White House will be “Made in America” and will feature senior members of the Trump Administration as guests on some 20 Salem Media Group radio shows.

The press statement from Salem says that the special broadcast day is “part of a larger White House effort to broaden media access and bring in more local and regional media, including talk radio.” Salem’s nationally syndicated talk radio hosts – Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Larry Elder and Eric Metaxas – will be joined by 13 local hosts from Salem Media Group-owned stations and will total 36 hours of live radio programming between the hours of am to pm ET on that day.

Salem Media Group CEO Ed Atsinger comments, “Donald Trump ran an unconventional campaign that reflected a broad public discontent with the status quo, and despite intense opposition and overwhelming odds, he was successful.

There is an unprecedented level of public interest in what is happening in Washington, DC…Salem Media Group’s audiences are highly active politically and very interested in both the policy components of the president’s agenda, as well as how the administration is accomplishing its objectives.” Entercom Recruits Larkin for Regional VP Position.

Our plan is to vigilantly watch the ever evolving digital technology landscape for new products, innovations and opportunities for inclusion in the Cumulus Digital C-Suite.” Radio Drops Out of Top Five in BIA Kelsey’s Local Media Advertising Forecast. Mobile inches ahead of radio with 11% of the advertising pie, or billion. For 2017, the firm has slightly decreased their advertising estimate to 7.9 billion.

During her career she also served with ABC-Disney in the Twin Cities.

Entercom COO Weezie Kramer states, “Susan is a highly respected and top-performing radio veteran with a winning track record. Cumulus says it’s a “flexible local marketing solution, currently featuring digital solutions in three distinct areas that can be used in any combination to achieve a local advertiser’s digital marketing goal.

Sirius XM Host Rick Ungar Guests on Harrison Podcast.

This week’s guest on the award-winning Podcast One series “Up Close and Far Out with Michael Harrison” is the animation-heavyweight-turned-progressive-pundit, Rick Ungar.

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For more information about Talkers Radio call GM David Bernstein at 413-565-5413.

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