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That doesn’t mean you have to be naïve: you can still meet a guy with eyes wide open and without putting your whole heart on the line with a guy you barely know, but if you go in always waiting to be let down, you’ll scare away any guy with honest intentions. If you don’t know a guy and he peaks your curiosity, give him the benefit of the doubt until he gives you reason not to.No guy likes being the object of suspicion and doubt.

Sure, there may be a few “player types” who are scared off by such a line, but there are also a fair amount of guys who are just as spurred on by such a challenge (or who at least ignore it entirely). ” isn’t some kind of lethal kryptonite that destroys every man who just wants a hookup.

Rather, when a woman says emphatically, “No hookups!

”, my thought is always: This might seem counter-intuitive, so at the risk of seeming unclear, here are the three major reasons why women should avoid writing this on their profile: When a woman stresses on her profile how much she “DEFINITELY doesn’t want hookups”, she might do so because she believes this makes her appear high value to a man.

And nothing is more unattractive to a guy than a woman who still lives with previous emotional baggage.

Which bring us to the final reason you should avoid writing this on your profile…

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But there is no 100% foolproof way to do this in dating: There’s certainly no way to do it on a dating app, just as there’s no certain way to know if the cute guy who chats you up in a coffee shop isn’t only asking for your number so that he can sleep with you and then never call again.

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