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MID JULIO IGLESIAS - VIENS M'Just say just the two of us - grover washington Just Walk Away_Just_A_Gigolo Louis_Prima Just_One_More_1932_ks_JPP. KAR Look At The World (John Rutter) with Lookin'_out_my_Looking Thru the Eyes of Love 2(ebr)Looking_High_High_High_1960_karseq_JPP. KAR Love_Can_Build_A_Bridge_(The_Judds)Lovin spoonful - what a day for a LUC DE LAROCHELIERE - AMERE LUCE DUFAULT - LAISSEZ-NOUS LA LYNDA LEMAY - SEMBLANT DE m2m_Ma Maar nu heb ik er macygray_madhouse_madisonavenue_Madness - Our Madonna - Candy Perfume madonna_madonna_madonna_madonna_madonna_madonna_Make_Believe_1927_s_Malle Mamma MAMMY. KAR shivaree_sies1sies2sies3sies4sies5Silence Is Golden-[jhh]Silent Night (disco)Silent Night 1silverchair_Silver_Sinds een dag of twee (32 jaar)Sing Little Birdie_1959_JPP_Singin in the Rain (Sheila B. KAR Smoke gets in your Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - You've Really Got A Hold On Smokey Robinson - Tracks Of My smumba_alwayscomeback2smumba_Smut_1965_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP. KAR The_Silver_Stars_Are_In_The_Sky_1948_karseq_JPP_IC. KAR VINCENT SCOTTO - AUPRES DE MA VINCENT SCOTTO - JULIE LA VINCENT SCOTTO - LA JAVA VINCENT SCOTTO - LE PLUS BEAU TANGO DU VINCENT SCOTTO - PERLE DE VINCENT SCOTTO - vitaminc_Vole_vshepard_vshepard_Wanda Jackson - Let's Have A Party WARBACK - SUR TON VISAGE UNE We Gotta get out of this Place (The Animals)We Three Kings (jazz version)We'll Meet Again Someday-Dame Vera Lane(ebr)We'll_Meet_Again_(Dame_Vera_Lynn)We're_So_Close_(Carly_Simon)Welcome(ebr)Werner_von_Braun_1965_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP.KAR Kakabaka(ebr)Kakabaka-My Fears of Losing You(ebr)Kate winslet - what kateryan_katewinslet_kcijojo_Keep on Keep Searchin'Kelly Family - Roses Of kelly_joice - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Islands In The kennychesney_KEVEN PARENT - CALIENTE V2KEVEN PARENT - KEVEN PARENT - FATHER ON THE GO PART2kimlukas_Kinks- Days (short)kminogue_kminogue_koreana_KR17_Entr'Acte_karseq_JPP. KAR Lorie - Ma meilleure Los indios tabajaras - maria Los Machucambos - Cuando calienta el LOS MACHUCAMBOS - QUAND LE SOLEIL ETAIT Lost in Lou Rawls - Lady loubega_mambo5 Louis Armstrong - 'Zat You Santa Louis armstrong - a kiss to build a dream LOUISE ATTAQUE - TON lou_Love Can Build a Bridge (Judds)Love Changes Everything-(Aspects of Love)Love is a Love's Gonna Live Here Again. KAR mandymoore_Mansion On The manthony_Manu chao- bongo MARC DERY - POISSON D'Marc Lavoine - J'ai tout Marc Lavoine - J'aurai MARC OGERET - NINI PEAU D'MARCEL MARTEL - CE SOIR NOUS ALLONS marcelamorelo-paratodalavida4marcelamoreno_mariahcarey_mariahcarey_MARIE CHANTAL TOUPIN & BOOM DESJARDIN - LES FAITS MARJO - MARTIN CIRCUS - JE M'CLATE AU MARTIN CIRCUS - MARTIN DESCHAMPS - COMME JE Marty Robbins - You Gave Me A Mary's Boy Child (Boney M)MASH Theme - Suicide Is matchbox20_MATHIEU FONTENAY - JE NE MAURANNE - DIFFERENTE QUAND JE MAURICE CHEVALIER - DANS LA VIE FAUT PAS S'EN MAURICE CHEVALIER - FLEUR DE MAURICE CHEVALIER - MA MAURICE CHEVALIER - SOUS LES PONTS DE MAURICE CHEVALIER - UN GAMIN DE MAURICE CHEVALIER - MAXIME LEFORESTIER - MAXIME LEFORESTIER - TOI LE Mazl3Mean Woman MECANO - HIJO DE LA meja_melaniec_melc_melc_iturn2melc_Merry_Christmas_Everybody_(Slade)MESIAH05. KAR Me_and_My_Teddy_Bear(short)(1950)_-_Rosemary_Clooney_-_seq_Michael Card - Celebrate The Michael Jackson - Rock With MICHEL BERGER - MICHEL BERGER - BESOIN D'MICHEL BERGER - BONSOIR JOHN MICHEL BERGER - JE VEUX CHANTER POUR MICHEL BERGER - LES PRINCES DES MICHEL DELPECH - MICHEL FUGAIN - LES GENTILS LES MCHANTS MICHEL FUGAIN - MICHEL LEGRAND - LES MOULINS DE MON MICHEL LOUVAIN - MON MICHEL LOUVAIN - MICHEL PAGLIARO - MICHEL RIVARD - RIVE MICHEL SARDOU - LES BALS MICHEL ZAMINI - TU VEUX OU TU VEUX Michele Richard Les boites Michelle Branch - All you Michelle Branch - MICHELLE TORR - JE M'APELLE michellebranch_Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Mighty Miller's Cave (Hank Snow)Mindy Mc Cready - 10,000 MIREILLE MATHIEU - MOULIN Misalliance_1977_ks_JPP. KAR OKOUME - A L'ENFANT QUE J'Old and Old_Irish_On the Once_In_Love_With_Amy_1948_karseq_JPP. KAR one_U2Only_Love_Can_Break_A_Heart(Gene_Pitney)ORCHESTRE DU SPLENDIDE - LA SALSA DU ORCHESTRE DU SPLENDIDE - QU'EST CE QU'ON ATTENDS POUR ETRE orgy_otown_otown_Ottawan - Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)Our Love Will Surely Last - Vienna Waltz-Johan Strauss Jr(ebr)Our Sergeant outkast_Oy_Hanukkah. KAR Sniff 'n' The Tears - Driver's Some Days Are Some other Someday_We'll_Meet_Again_1932_ks_JPP. KAR The_Masochism_Tango_1958_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP. KAR The_Nearness_Of_You(Frank_Sinatra)2The_Night_They_Invented_The_Old_Brigade_1898_ks_JPP_IC. KAR The_Old_Dope_Peddler_1953_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP. KAR The_Only_One_(Roy_Orbison)The_Princess_Of_Pure_Delight_1941_Weill_ks_JPP. KAR westlife - westlife - westlife_westlife_westlife_westlife_westlife_Westlife_westlife_westlife_westlife_westlife_Wet Wet Wet - Julia We_Wish_What Have IDone To Deserve This-[jhh]What_Do_You_Do_In_The_Infantry_1943_karseq_JPP. KAR Wheatus - Teenage wheatus_When I Need You_When the going gets When will i see you Whenever, When_You've_Got_A_Little_Springtime2_1933_Jessie_Matthews_karseq_JPP.KAR MITSOU - BYE BYE MON COW mjackson_MLF_Lullaby_1964_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP. KAR N-Sync_NANA MOUSKOURI - LA NANA MOUSKOURI - NANA MOUSKOURI - QUATRE NANETTE WORKMAN - CE SOIR ON DANSE A NATALIE CARDONE - MON NATASHA ST-PIERRE - TU National_Brotherhood_Week_1964_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP. KAR New christy minstrels - green, NIAGARA - J'AI NIAGARA - LA FIN DES nickleback_NICOLA CICCONE - LE NICOLAS PEYRAC - SO FAR NICOLETTA - FIO NICOLETTA - MAMY Night ninedays_NINO FERRE - nkidman_emcgregor_No milk noangels_likeiceinthesunshine. KAR OZZY OSBOURNE - O_Mio_Babbino_Paco - amor de mis Parody - Bad Moon PASCAL DANEL - LES NEIGES DU PATRICK BRUEL - ELLE VOULAIT TOUT PATRICK BRUEL - JUSTE PATRICK BRUEL - TROIS ANS ET DEMI D'AMOUR PATRICK FIORI - QUE TU PATRICK PERRIN - UNE PATRICK TOPALOFF - OU EST MA CHEMISE PATSY - COMME UN Patsy cline - you belong to Paul Anka - You Are My PAUL DARAICHE - LE Paul Evans - Seven little girls. KAR Someone Else's Something gotten hold of my Son by four - A puro dolor. KAR The_Little_Town_Where_Christ_Was_Born 1954_ks_JPP_IC. KAR When_You_Are_Old_And_Grey_1953_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP. KAR Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night-[TC]While my guitar gently While_Shepherds_Watch'd_Their_Flocks_19C_ks_JPP. KAR whouston_Why_Do_I_Love_You_1927_s_Why_Me_1992_Linda_Martin_karseq_JPP. KAR Wild west wildwrl1WILLIAMS CUNNING Come Back To willyoung_anythingispossible. Kar Wind Beneath My Wings - Betty Midler(ebr)Wind Beneath My Wings(Just PIANO)[ebr]Wind_O_Trag_Das_Wort(T)_1920_Stolz_ks_JPP_IC.KAR Moby - We Are All Made Of moby_moby_Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Modern Talking - No face, no name, no number (1)modjo_Monkees - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit Monsieur_Dupont(1969)_-_Sandie_Monty Python - Brave Sir Monty Python - Camelot Monty Python - Dennis Monty Python - I Got two Monty Python - I like Monty Python - Medical Love Monty Python - The Galaxy Monty Python - The Lumberjack Monty Python - The Spam Monty Python - Mony Mony (From Cabaret)Mon_Ami_My_Friend_1936_Weill_ks_JPP. KAR My Fair Lady - Oh, Wouldn't It Be My Fears of Losing You(ebr)My friend the My girl My Heart Skips a Beat(G). KAR Nature_NEG MARRONS - LE negrokan_Neil Diamond - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Neil Diamond - Holly Neil Diamond - Longfellow Neil Sedaka - Bad nelly-furtado_nellyfurtado_Nevers~4. MID NOEL - PAUL ET PAUL - C'EST Noel-Time_1954_ks_JPP_IC. KAR Paul Mc Cartney & The Frog Chorus - We All Stand Paul Mc Cartney - Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Paulina Rubio - Yo No Soy Esa paulinarubio_pcollins_Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack - Tonight, I Celebrate My Pee-Po-Belly-Bum-Drawers_1977_ks_JPP. KAR sonique_sonique_Sophie Ellis Bexter - Get over sophieellisbexter_Souvenir_of_Love2_1937_Jessie_Matthews_karseq_JPP. KAR Speedy Gonzales (Pat Boone)spicegirls_goodbye spicegirls_spicegirls_spicegirls_spiller_staind_Stand_By_Me(John_Lennon)STARMANIA - BESOIN D'STARMANIA - LE MONDE EST Status quo - in the army Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick STEPHANE EICHER - DEJEUNER EN Stephany Mills - Never Knew Love Like This steps_stereophonics_Steve miller band - space Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty - Stop Draggin' My Heart Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Stevie wonder - for your Stevie Wonder - I Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Stevie Wonder - Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Sting - Brand new sting_Stone in love with Stop the Story of Blue Danube Lovers PIANO(ebr). KAR The_Gypsy_(Billy_Reid)The_Hunting_Song_1953_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP. KAR White rose of Who's_ Been_Sleeping_In_My_Bed_1963_karseq_JPP. KAR Winter in wishbone ash - blowin` With_One_Look_1993_ks_JPP. KAR Carpenters - I Need To Be In Carpenters - Yesterday Once Casatscok (Dutch)Casatscok (English)Cascades - Rhythm Of The Falling Cats - Let's Dance (short)Cats, The - One Way Cavatina (He Was Beautiful)[ebr]Celine Dion & andrea bocelli - the Celine dion - a new day has Celine dion - any other CELINE DION - EN ATTENDANT SES Celine Dion - I'm CELINE DION - JE REVIENDRAI Celine dion - ten Celine dion - thats the way it Celine dion - the wanderer. KAR CHRISTOPHE - Oh MON Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Chu-Chi_Face_1968_ks_JPP. KAR Calling, The - Wherever You Will Go (1)Calling, The - Wherever You Will Go (2)calling_cardigans_eraseandrewind cardigans_CARLOS - BIG CARLOS - LA CARLOS - LES PIEDS CARLOS - CARLOS - CARLOS - TOUT NU ET TOUT CARNAVAL EN BELGIQUE - TOUTES LES Carole Carol_Of_The_Birds_1948_karseq_JPP_IC. KAR Fast Car (Tracy Chapman)Feel ROBBIE FELIX LECLERC - L'HYMNE AU FERNAND GIGNAC - DONNEZ MOI DES Fight_Fiercely_Harvard_1953_Tom_Lehrer_karseq_JPP.

The list is by no means definitive, but it’s an accurate representation for the uniqueness of the music the guitarist has made.KAR alize_All kinds of All-4-One - I Can Love you Like alle_brider_ctrl_allsaints_allsaints_allsaints_allstars_All_I_Want_For_Christmas_Is_ALYS ROBI - ALYS ROBI - TICO Amapola (Style Django)amorisette_amorisette_amorisette_amorisette_Amy Grant - Grown-Up Christmas anastacia - Anastacia - paid my anastacia_anastacia_anastacia_anastacia_anastacia_anastacia_ANDRE CLAVEAU - DEUX PETITS ANDRE CLAVEAU - J'AI PLEURE SUR TES ANDRE CLAVEAU - MON COEUR EST UN ANGGUN - LA NEIGE AU anggun_angunn_Annie's annlee_2Anouk - Nobody's Anything you can do, I can do Anyway you want Any_Elf_Of_Mine-[jhh]aqua_aqua_aqua_aqua_Are_You_Sorry_1925_ks_JPP. KAR Holly Valance - Kiss hollyvalance_Honey Cone - Want hooverphonic - Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Hot How you remind me - Nickle How's_Your_Romance_1932_Cole_Porter_ks_JPP. KAR How_Much_Is_That_Doggie_In_The_HUBERT-FLIX THIFAINE - LA FILLE DU COUPEUR DE HUBERT-FLIX THIFAINE - Hues corporation - rock the hvallance_Hysteria_(Def_Leppard)Hndel - The Messiah part 12 - For Unto I can I Dont I Dont Know_I Love Rock & Roll-Joan I second that emotion (SMOKIE ROBINSON 1968)I want it that I Will Sing With The Spirit(John Rutter)I'll Fly I'll_Make_A_Man_Of_You_1914_karseq_JPP.KAR ark_ateens_ateens_ateens_Atomic Kitten - The Tide is atomickitten_atomickitten_atomickitten_AU NOM D'UNE AUTRES - BOULEVARD DE L'AUTRES - CHACUN SA AUTRES - MERCI Avenues and alleyways (TONY CHRISTIE)Avril lavigne - Avril Lavigne - I'm with avrillavigne_AXELLE RED - JE T'AZZAM - C'EST ECRIT DANS LE A_Bed-Time_Story_1932_ks_JPP. KAR I'm Movin' I've Been Everywhere (Hank Snow)If I could talk to the If I said you have a beautiful If You Asked Me To_If You Can't Give Me Love (Suzie Quatro)If_It_Wasn't_For_The_'ouses_In_If_It_Wasn't_For_The_'ouses_In_Between_1899_JPP.KAR SYLVAIN COSSETTE - SYLVAIN COSSETTE - JE PENSE ENCORE A Sylvain Cossette Loin de SYLVIE VARTAN - COMME UN tanelpadar_davebenton_taps2tatu_Teddybears Ten Sharp - Terence Trent d'Arby - Sign Your Texas_-_Inner_texas_texas_That's Alright (Mama)That's_Where_The_South_Begins_1930_ks_JPP. KAR Young Rascals - Groovin'Young_And_Wild_1959_karseq_JPP. KAR Your Cheatin' Heart (Hank Williams)1You_Got_It_(Roy_Orbison)YVES MONTAND - DANS LES PLAINES DU YVES MONTAND - ELLE ATTENDAIT SON YVES MONTAND - LA YVES MONTAND - LA YVES MONTAND - LE CHANT DES PARTISANS.KAR The burger king - parodie de my The Burger The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)The Corrs - The The equals - baby come The Left Hand Side of The Lord Bless You and Keep You (John Rutter)The Lost Chord-[TC] The man who shot Liberty The Pied The Riddle The River-[jhh]The Star of Bethlehem_The Tell-tale The Texas Rangers-[TC]The Tide is The Windmill's thecorrs_THEME - AU PAYS DE Theme - MASH (Suicide Is Painless)THEME - then you can tell me goodbye-the casinos.

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