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‘How convenient’ he thought as he slammed the door behind him and threw his badge down on a side table.David was a cop, and ‘a damn good one’ as he was told so often by his colleagues and sometimes even the people he was arresting.Clicking open the lube with one hand while rolling back the rest of his bourbon with the other, he squeezed a large dollop of the gel over his shaft.As he smeared the lube along his length he watched as the shemales switched to a doggy position, yelling at each other how they were going to go like crazy.

Most especially enjoyable are really Lisa Lawer and also Jacqueline Bedin, two impressive blondes engaged in shemale-on-sheman action.

The one with the smaller tits asked cutely what David would like them to do, and he knew already exactly what he wanted to see. ‘I want you to get a titjob from her’ he said, met with a pair of cheeky smiles in exchange.

Within moments the one with the smaller tits but longest cock was getting pleasured by the other, and David felt his dick rising to maximum hardness.

Without thinking David squeezed more lube and rolled over his balls to his crack, pushing a couple of fingers up to get ready for what was coming next.

He gabbed the truncheon from the side of his belt, and pushed his knees above his head so that he was as wide as he could be.

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