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) and Buddha reflects peaceful partnerships (the 2’s are like swans in love).Master numbers are always a sign of double energy and heightened spiritual powers, including psychic ability.THREE Archangel Jophiel (39/12/3) – keyword FREEDOM.If you are a 3 lifepath (The Communicator/ Artist), call on Jophiel for inspiration, new ideas and joy.If you are a 4 lifepath (The Builder) or 22 lifepath (Master Builder), call on Haniel for constructive feedback, support and healing in work in romance.Haniel loves to reassure you of your worth and encourage people to bloom.

With best wishes, Sarah Yip (a 29/11 lifepath & Master Numbers Teacher) Professional Psychic Brisbane Australia Specialising in Palmistry, Numerology & Clairvoyance I’m an Clocks and Repeating Numbers Researcher SMS 0408 898 028 All articles on this blog are copyrighted.Michael is the Chief Angel and all lifepaths can request his help 24/7.I always ask him to surround my car with blue light while I’m driving. Once, when my friend’s daughter had a night terror, I prayed for Michael to intervene.-Subscribe to my monthly news/ articles (see homepage). -Buy my latest Angel Meditation MP3– it’s great for stress relief and for restoring your wings and confidence when life gets you down.I’ve been testing this process for years with clients and myself, and the results are phenomenal.

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