Hornry comment on girl piv

As they say, it is not rocket science, but making a girl horny and dripping with juices, is not easy either.

Describe how you find her, what turns you on, how much you love her and miss her. You can ask her open-ended questions like, what she likes in guys. You don’t need to be an expert, to make her horny and wet through sexting. If you know the power of words, you can use sexting to your advantage and achieve much more in a very short time, within a week or so.

It is not very hard to learn how to make a girl wet.

All you need is to understand some basic facts about girls and then master a few skills.

Men are turned on by pictures, but girls are turned on by words. Sexting is so effective that often she will be the first to suggest a meeting.

If not, then you suggest a nice place where two people can sit without being disturbed.

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