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Additionally, the central government plans to introduce a bill that will legalize sex work by regulating the number of sex workers at a particular location and restricting sex work to specific areas.This law also intends to criminalise clients of sex workers or the buying of sex.When she did not return from the grocery store nearby, where she had gone to buy some food grains for a few hours, I managed to contact one of her friends.That lady told me that my mother had been arrested by the police.Given the above instances of unanticipated and unacceptable action by the police, human rights activists have expressed their written and oral objections to such harassment on both the occasions.During the December episode, the police agreed to release the sex workers after organisations and individuals campaigning for the rights of sex workers gave a written assurance on behalf of the latter, stating that they would not enter into any arguments with the police.

Often, they do not even disclose that they are engaged in sex work.

In fact, due to such repressive actions and harassment by the police, sex workers rarely solicit in public spaces now and are contacted directly by their clients.

“My mother is the only other person in our small and poor household.

Ever since I met with an accident and lost the use of my right hand, I have become more dependent on her.

She does not engage in sex work anymore, but a few people are aware that she was a sex worker.

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In addition, the Karnataka Beggary Act 1975 states that anyone found begging or loitering on the street is to be forcibly placed in an institution run by the government, such as the Beggars’ Home.

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