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Abstract expressionism hit New York with a great, arms-flung-out-in-all-directions uproariousness in the 1950s. But what came after all the wild gesturings of a Pollock? The art of the young Jasper Johns was a much less splashy affair altogether, much more tentative and long-term in its dogged, year-on-year engagement with its themes.

Its noisy rebelliousness seemed the very epitome of the new. Johns had his first solo show at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York in 1958, and this retrospective at the Royal Academy, organised by theme (with the occasional nod in the direction of chronology), takes us from then until almost now – the last work is dated 2016.

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How do you pass from inert contemplation to awe-struck regard?

What is it that raises up an everyday object until it is transformed into a symbol that binds us and unites us – such as the American flag?

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