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Russia (when I say "Russia" I actually mean all former Soviet Union, and most of known scams are originated from Belarus, Ukraine and Republic Mari-El) is famous in developing unique scam schemes, and various scams are going wild there.

All I can say is yes, maybe I prevented myself from a large financial loss but emotionally I am suffering right now as I became quite attached to her.Often men discover that they have been corresponding with a scammer when they have already developed strong feelings towards the "woman". I can't begin to tell you how lucky I was to find your web site at this time. I must say however that I wasn't sure until I read your web page and its information and it sounded exactly like my situation.I had my doubts but until I saw your web page on the subject I had no idea it could happen to me.But even after that they wonder if their new correspondents are genuine and relationship real.They have no idea how to detect a scam from the very beginning.

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