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The repeated harassment and prosecution of dissidents, sources, and journalists provides confirmation.

We need to reduce the level of general surveillance, but how far? government's systematic practice of infiltrating peaceful dissident groups on the pretext that there might be terrorists among them.

Where exactly is the If whistleblowers don't dare reveal crimes and lies, we lose the last shred of effective control over our government and institutions. government official ominously told journalists in 2011 that the U. would not subpoena reporters because "We know who you're talking to." Sometimes journalists' phone call records are subpoena'd to find this out, but Snowden has shown us that in effect they subpoena all the phone call records of everyone in the U. Opposition and dissident activities need to keep secrets from states that are willing to play dirty tricks on them. The point at which surveillance is too much is the point at which the state can find who spoke to a known journalist or a known dissident.

That's why surveillance that enables the state to find out who has talked with a reporter is too much surveillance – too much for democracy to endure. When people recognize that the level of general surveillance is too high, the first response is to propose limits on access to the accumulated data.

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We can't trust non-free software; the NSA uses and even creates security weaknesses in non-free software so as to invade our own computers and routers.

Free software gives us control of our own computers, but that won't protect our privacy once we set foot on the internet.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and other organizations propose a set of legal principles designed to prevent the abuses of massive surveillance.

These principles include, crucially, explicit legal protection for whistleblowers; as a consequence, they would be adequate for protecting democratic freedoms – if adopted completely and enforced without exception forever.

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