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Koga crashed in Alaska on June 4, 1942, although tests on the aircraft did not begin until late 1942.

For example, he noted that the prototype had a requirement to fly at 500 km/h (311 mph) at 4,000 meters.[3] He also noted that the A6M1 prototype, using the Mitsubishi Zuisei Type 13 of 850 hp, reached a maximum speed for 480 km/h.

For aircraft, the “top speed” is measured at the aircraft’s “critical altitude”—the altitude at which level speed is maximum at full military power.

(Military power is the highest power an engine can produce on a sustained basis.) At lower altitudes, air denseness creates more air resistance, slowing the aircraft.

He noted that the Zero was not in optimum condition.

He also noted that the Navy’s full Technical Aviation Brief #3, on which the information in the briefer Intelligence Service Report was based, listed different speeds from different tests, with some speeds 7 to 10 mph faster than those shown in Figure 3.

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Fortunately, these tortured calculations are not the only basis for judging the Model 21’s speed.

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