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That token from a vacation on which you fought mercilessly with your BFF is a reminder of sour times – not margaritas on the beach.

And if you surround yourself with things that remind you of the relationship from which you are trying to start anew, well, change that up.

I had a minimum in my head of what I wanted to get, and when I spoke to somebody at Worthy, which was nice when I went to the website, somebody called me to follow up, which I think was very helpful because it gave me the human touch of the process which continued throughout. When Mary called me, she asked me questions that were right on par with what I would have wanted somebody to ask. I ended up coming into New York City because I’m close by in Connecticut, so I made it even easier for myself by popping in and making an appointment. Please share in the comments …Some of the links in this and other posts generate a commission.

I never recommend products that I don’t truly believe in.

The petite blonde, who has a huge tattoo on her back, had been a regular fixture on the channel until images circulated of her posing nearly naked on a large plate featuring fake chips and peas in Trafalgar Square for World Vegan Day.

You can search Yelp or City Search for a reputable local jeweler.In the back of my mind I thought I would give them to my daughter one day — a token of the marriage that produced her. I thought to the handful of people I know who had used wedding rings left over from marriages that had ended in divorce.Plus, I just wasn’t ready to sell the engagement ring — or part with that time of my life. Some of those rocks were impressive – far more expensive than the young couple could have afforded on their own.Seriously – I get asked to write about stuff all the time and turn down hard cash if I’m not feeling it.She hit headlines for being controversially axed from her high-profile CBeebies role in 2011.

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