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it's not like they are imposing their views or that they are hurting anyone.

Being one of the Marvel Universe's ageless beings often means confronting several lifetimes' worth of regret, but it also means it's never too late to atone and turn your life around, a lesson the Olympian demigod Hercules knows all too well.

Is that minor pitfall going to be skipped over just because Marvel's doing a soft reboot?

Even so, this interview has done something I didn't think was possible, actually make me genuinely interested in a Marvel book.

His alternate gay relationship with alternate Wolverine doesn't count you know.: A part that could easily have been misconstrued as a throwaway gag and, if it was true, why didn't Pak do more with it? Also I'm very interested as it sounds like Abnett is going to exploring his actual fighting skills which will be cool to see.: I'm afraid I don't considering how nothing of my original post indicated I disliked this addition to Hercules' personality based on him being actually bi-sexual.

All of Pak's romantic/former love interest scenes in his Hercules run like seeing his wife Hebe kiss Spidey and fighting Namor whilst having a reunion with Namorita, none of that is the sign of someone who's a bisexual. I dislike it because it comes out of nowhere based on Hercules' previous writing and because Abnett's not indicating that's the direction he'll take Hercules in, Bleeding Cool is as per usual of their pot stirring nonsense.

That said, him being interested in men makes sense given his Greek background, more so than Punisher or someone like him being bisexual and/or gay. Definitely going to give this a shot,the writer seems to know what he's doing and seems to be a fan of the character.

I hope he lives up to Greg Pak's fun yet meaningfully character driven From what I remember he became bisexual only under Pak's X-Treme X-Men run.

Gay sex was socially accepted and common in ancient Greece as it was in most cultures before the invention of Christianity where they demonized it during the crusades.I saw another post about "love between 2 men", and of course, because they have god visuals, they look pretty.but even visuals aside, isn't that still considered ok?Either way I don't really care about Herc's sexuality since that's such a small part of a character like Herc with a big personality.Either way I don't really care about Herc's sexuality since that's such a small part of a character like Herc with a big personality. To presume I'm only not reading Marvel comics for one reason is incredibly presumptuous even by your standards.

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Though if the rumours about Hercules being bi-sexual and that being explored for the pompous sake of diversity are true, I'll go right back into my abstinence from Marvel comics.

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